Five tips for marking with Turnitin / Grademark

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1. Use a supported browser

    Internet Explorer 9,10,11
    Mozilla Firefox 15+
    Google Chrome 23+
    Mozilla Firefox 15+
    Google Chrome 23+
    Safari 5+

2. Refer to our Moodle-based resources

3. Navigate from paper –to-paper using the document viewer’s in-built navigation tool.You need not close the Document Viewer down

a) Move from one paper to the next using the forward and back buttons at the top right-hand side of the Document Viewer

b) Or, use the drop-down list to choose which essay to mark next

4. If the service appears to slow down or becomes unavailable – check the Turnitin status update twitter account @TurnitinStatus

If the service is experiencing problems then wait until they have been resolved

5. If there are no service warnings, a browser refresh and cache clean may help

a) close the document viewer
b) empty your browser cache -to find out how to do this visit

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