Moodle and Internet Explorer 11

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With an out-of-the box install, the IE11 browser will not render the editing toolbar in Moodle text boxes to produce WYSIWYG text underpinned by HTML (fora, quizzes, labels, etc).  What it does render is a plain text box, but Moodle still thinks the user has retained the default setting of HTML.  This can cause formatting problems.

 In order to make the editing toolbar appear, visit

Click on the blue settings cog in IE11 [1].

Then, click on Compatibility View Settings [2].

You should see listed as a potential website [3].

To add to compatibility view, click on Add [4].

The domain will then appear in the list of websites added to Compatibility View [5].

Click the Close button [6].

Set-up an activity and the editing toolbar will appear as usual.

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lae said...

Thanks it works!