Turnitin UK restored / hanging essays

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The Turnitin UK service was restored by Tuesday morning, and accessing and submitting seem to be back to normal. There are some essays simply 'hanging' in many course submission inboxes. This has been a constant problem since we implemented Turnitin Direct with our Moodle 1.9 installation for the start of session 2011.

There are a few explanations for this and a number of scenarios, but not many solutions. Some hanging essays seem to resolve themselves while others have to be deleted and a re-attempted - with mixed results.

Essay 1
Has been Pending since Monday. Clicking the 'Refreshing submission' link makes no difference. It has been passed from Moodle to Turnitin but there is no OR associated with it. Clicking on the file name brings up the OR/GM environment.

Essay 2
Has no data associated with it - no submission date or ID. Clicking on the 'file title' does bring up the submitted document. This has not been passed from Moodle to Turnitin. It is a word document with mostly text, a table and one or two graphics - nothing out of the ordinary.

Essay 3 
Similar to Essay 2 - except that when you click on the file name Moodle/Turnitin reports 'Sorry, the requested file could not be found'. I have deleted the Student's submission and submitted it again on their behalf - but to no avail. I can see very little in this file to differentiate it from other successfully submitted files, other than its size (18MB - caused by scanned materials which should still be acceptable, if not readable). When logging in as the Student the Administrator can see the 'Submit to Turnitin link', but clicking this this has no effect.

Have you had similar experiences, and can you provide further insight to the problems and solutions?

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