E-Learning and the pencil metaphor

As both an enthusiastic producer and fierce critic of mediocre infographics, I was pleased to discover, through Professor Steve Wheeler, this simple, effective and meaningful image courtesy of Positive DV8R blog.

I have found all six types of person in the places I have worked - even in e-learning businesses!  In academia, those who are leaders in their field are rarely so in adopting and embedding new technologies, although their are notable exceptions to this assertion (Andrew Chadwick & Nick Lowe are two who spring to mind).

I spend much of my time whittling away at the Wood while being poked by one or two Leaders and Sharp ones.  There is, however,  a missing component; those that are somewhere between the Ferrules and the Wood; they don't want tried and tested modes being compromised by untrusted methods.  This is the action zone in my view, where we can maintain and extend excellence in teaching, learning and assessment. We, as Learning Technology champions, should not let the elegant design of the pencil undermine our impact.


David T said...

I really like this. It reminds me of Diffusion of Innovations theory. http://mediaexposure1.blogspot.com/2011_07_01_archive.html

Martin King said...

Nice illustRation! That's an interesting reworking of the Gartner Hype cycle, but with both personal and societal aspects.

sdariush.ahmadi said...

Really interesting. Reminds me of Diffusion of Innovation,too.