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Moodle VLE ( Build: moodle 1.9.13

Moodle-Turnitin Integration

Turnitin's Moodle integration activity module is a standalone Moodle module with the aim of representing the full suite of Turnitin's features within Moodle. The module was developed with the full support and backing of iParadigms, the developers of Turnitin.  The various advantages include:
  • Enhanced student experience through the consolidation of materials, resources and assessment in Moodle
  • Streamlined marking, double-marking and feedback processes through multiple marker access to Originality Reports and GradeMark
  • Adherence to College policy on Anonymous Marking
  • Multi Part Assignments in support of portfolio submission

Nanogong Audio plug-in

NanoGong is a simple yet powerful audio recording and sharing tool in Moodle. There are two different types of Nanogong activity:
  1. An extended HTML editor which supports voice content.  This allows tutors and/or students to augment forum posts, assignments and wikis with audio voice recordings.  These can then be shared by all, some or none of the class.
  2. A NanoGong activity which allows students to submit voice messages to their teachers.  This is an assessment activity which remains private between tutor and students.
Support for Mac / Safari users

The Moodle Editing bar -  for formatting text in discussion fora, assignments, wikis, etc is now available to Mac users who prefer to use Safari.  In the past we have advised Mac users to download the Firefox browser but this is not longer necessary.

Happy Moodling in 2011/12!

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