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Turnitin2 Launched on Sep 5th

Benefits of Turnitin2

  • Fully-formatted student assignments: Feedback is layered in a single, consistent, fully-formatted view of the student paper (including footnotes, style and images) at every step in the process of evaluation and grading. 
  • Integration of all tools: Turnitin2 provides all the tools needed to evaluate students' written work, all in one place. A single, common view of students' assignments. Everything is “right there,” saving time and improving productivity
  • Layering of Originality Reports and Grademark environments: Users can simultaneously view superimposed layers of rich feedback provided by originality checking, by instructors, enhancing insight and understanding.
  • 'Go back' option: Some people may need more time to adjust to these improvements, so we have enabled users to easily "go back" to the pre-Turnitin2 versions of the Originality Report and GradeMark.

Find out more about Turnitin 2 - http://tiny.cc/turnitin-staff enrolment key: parity

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