E-Learning themes

Themes with which we can approach the:

    • re-design of the website

    • development of Moodle support course-space, help-sheets, case studies

    • focus of e-learning development/training sessions

    • various committees

Some ideas - to which you are invited to add, expand upon, question and critique

Teaching Large groups

    • Audience Response Systems

    • Moodle Groups tools

    • Moodle Fora/Wikis

    • Online submission of formative assessment

    • Peer-marking in Moodle Wikis/Fora or in Turnitin’s Peermark tool

Feedback & Assessment
    • Audience Response Systems

    • Audio feedback (generic for whole group on specific assignments)

    • Video feedback

    • Online quizzes/tests/assignments in Moodle

    • Gradebook online distributed marking in Turnitin

    • Use of Twitter and other social media to support feed-forward and feedback

    • Peer-marking in Moodle Wikis/Fora or in Turnitin’s Peermark tool


    • Working in virtual groups – Moodle Fora/Wikis

    • Advanced use of IT

    • Social Media

    • Information Literacy

Academic integrity

    • Integrated use of Plagiarism resources in Moodle

    • Customisation & development of Moodle-based resources

    • Joint-approach to issue with EDT/ADT and Faculties


Roger Pearson said...

Teaching large groups - podcasts
Not sure about use of Twitter with students; last I read, they (ie young people) don't use it.
Employability - Specific study skills eg report writing
Maybe a General Learning Technologies heading including use of resources like Edina and BoB

Martin King said...

I seem to have forgotten to put podcasts underneath the large groups header! I think I was somewhat preoccupied with the use of audio for delivering generic feedback to a group - and how that strikes me as somewhat asymmetrical, given that fb is supposed to be a 2-way street.

Twitter is a funny one - low impact on us and not within our realm but there are loads of case studies out there on its successful use. It's also more accessible than Moodle when using mobile technology.

Tony McNeill said...

'fraid I'm with Roger on students not using Twitter (Facebook superdominant SNS with mobile interface).

See http://www.slideshare.net/amcneill/twitter-is-dead for full sad story ...