Using to capture, organise, share and retrieve web-based resources

No comments is a free, web-based service allowing users to bookmark sites and, rather than keep them in a particular pc and browser, share them online with friends, colleagues, and people with similar or overlapping interests.

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1. Title of webpage/website: This is by default defined by the page creator. Most websites are helpfully titled (the BBC, Times Higher Education and the Guardian are good examples). Some academic/personal pages may not be so usefully titled, but this can be changed when saving the page to your files.

2. When saved: Useful to know when you originally found the webpage, especially if you save and then read later.

3. User-defined tags: When saving a page, the user can add ‘tags’ to it which will make it easier to organise, retrieve and share pages between browsers, pcs, colleagues and the community. Rather than bookmarking in a browser you can bookmark on line and send your reading lists, resources and (small r) research to those who are intersted.

4. How many others have saved page: This provides an insight into how the webpage is perceived by others…how many people also thought it was useful? Who exactly has saved it? Clicking on the link shows who else has saved it and any comments they added to their tags. This is useful in adding ‘authority’ to a webpage.

Getting started

This is a good place to begin, my own bookmarked resource on using! -

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