SWAN Innovation & Learning Event

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Royal Holloway
10th June 08
Martin King and Dave Rayner

This event aims to introduce staff at Royal Holloway to additional elearning tools and how they can be used to enhance the students’ learning experience. It aims to foster creativity and innovation in elearning. Specifically it will introduce staff to the Wimba Collaboration Suite and the ThinkTank tool.

The Wimba Collaboration suite will enhance eLearning capabilities by adding functionality to Moodle through asynchronous voice tools and synchronous web conferencing. The voice tools allow audio to be used to complement text and make it easy to use podcasting. The web conferencing tool called Wimba Classroom allows staff and students to meet for online teaching and learning sessions. In addition, Wimba Create enhances Microsoft Word to make it easy to create eLearning content for Moodle by simply using Word. Finally, Wimba will present a new instant messaging tool called Pronto.

The ThinkTank tool supports brain-storming online, recording the ideas contributed by any size of group of staff or students, and making it easy to classify and prioritise those ideas.

Further information is available at RHUL staff at http://www.rhul.ac.uk/Restricted/Intranet/message.asp?ref_no=4079

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