Baseline presence, some possible definitions and considerations

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‘Addressing variability in the student experience by agreeing a baseline presence in the VLE for all courses'.

  • Basic course information BCI 1
    • Handbook
    • Timetables
    • Tutor contact details

There is the possibility that of achieving this through a combination of increased integration with Banner and some sort of Tutor database (no such thing as Banner for staff)

Presently, Tutors are added manually by E-Learning Team / DAs / Existing tutors

  • Basic course information 2
    • As BCI 1
    • A news forum to which all students are automatically subscribed
    • Automated link to electronic resources as held by the library
      • Reading lists
      • Exam papers
      • Electronic bookshelves

A subscribed news forum, which acts as a notice board and replaces the need for group e-mails, lost information, non-trackable communication can be added to the basic course build.

The Library has created electronic reading lists, based on course book requests, which are by default linked into Moodle courses. This is a labour intensive process and not all courses have these, or up-to-date versions.

There is the prospect of Moodle being integrated with a Learning Object Repository in the near future. As well as creating a number of support issues this may well deliver the ability to embed course materials more effectively.

  • Basic course information 3
    • As BCI 2
    • Lecture notes in standard format for each week

This requires more tutor input and therefore training and support than the previous definitions.

This is where Administrative staff, PhD Students (Imperial) or Student Helpers (LSE) could support tutors.

A virtual team of well trained support staff could deliver agreed standard structure / presentation / formats.

Such standards such as all materials offered in Wimba Create or PDF would enhance the student experience.

This assumes the content model of e-learning which does not necessarily improve learning. Simply repurposing printed media for online use does not meet the needs of the online learner and is simply a driver of what we call p-learning.

Training staff to ‘write for the web’ may not be welcomed or be feasible. Time better spent developing activities?

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